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Green Home Builders of the TriangleGreen Home Features

A green home uses less energy, water and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier and more comfortable than a conventional home. The Energy Star and Green rated homes that we build include the features below so that your home will be comfortable and cost efficient for years to come.

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  • Sealed crawl spaces – Protects the home, creates a healthier environment and lowers energy cost by creating a conditioned area that is free of moisture problems and mold
  • Tyvek house wrap prevents water, moisture and air infiltration
  • Low maintenance Hardiplank fiber-cement siding and trim are water and termite resistant
  • TechShield roof sheathing with a foil on one side blocks radiant heat and can save up to 20% on power bills
  • Advanced insulation techniques reduce heat loss and create a more comfortable environment:
    • Insulated headers, corners and tees
    • Insulation behind electric boxes and pipes
    • Caulking at sill plates and wall framing
    • Plywood insulation supports on the unconditioned side of knee walls
    • Energy-efficient windows with low-E (low emittance) coatings and argon gas between the glass keep heat inside during the winter and outside in the summer
    • Non-expanding foam insulation around windows
    • Insulated garage doors
  • Energy Star appliances and bath fans
  • 92% gas furnace with a 13-seer air conditioner
  • Sealed ductwork keeps air from leaking into unconditioned areas and ensures its delivery to vents
  • Air quality controls:
    • MERV-9 filters on the central air system, return ducts or transfer grills
    • Green Label, low-VOC carpeting
    • No-VOC paint
  • Rinnai on-demand, tankless water heaters lower monthly expenses while delivering an endless supply of hot water
  • Rain sensors on all irrigation controls and separately-zoned irrigation systems for grass and bedding areas conserve water and lower water bills
  • Drought-resistant native grass and plants

sound dampening insulation and sealing to prevent air infiltration
sealing for insulation & air quality
house wrap and insulation and blocking
no VOC paint and sealants

From left to right; top to bottom:
Sound dampening insulation in the laundry and the baths interior walls
Sealing to prevent air infiltration in the corners and between the walls and the sub floor
Sealing between the interior house and the garage, for insulation and air quality
(4) House wrap prevents moisture and air infiltration, also proper window installation and sealing
(5) Insulation and blocking that keeps the insulation in place.
No VOC paint for air quality.
(7) Sealing around the air ducts keeps the air from leaking into unconditioned area and ensures that it is delivered to the vents. Foam sealant between the sub floor and crawl space prevents air from coming into the house from the crawlspace.

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